A Tuitorial on, How to Make Unit UI Cards ?

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A Tuitorial on, How to Make Unit UI Cards ?

Post  svramj on Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:15 am

Tools needed 3DSMAX
Im using 3dsmax 9sp2 and very literature english

Open 3ds max ,load cas file

press "M" to apply texture to model

Diffuse colour > New > Bitmap and load DDS texture

Click Show map in viewpoint and assing material to selection > go to defauit opacity - on next screen go Scene ..like in pictures > Set mono channeloutput to alpha

Save file (file > Save) ex.unit1

Reset (file > Reset)

Open this model "Trava" (Dont forget firs to unrar ) file > open , similar file can be found in ...\bi\data\ui\unit_info\huns
http://www.divshare.com/download/2532362-35b UPDATED

It "will say missing ddl" click Open
It "missing external files" click Continue

Than go file > merge and open the files that u allready save ex.unit1
Now merge dialog will appear like this

click all and than OK

Click "Select and uniform scale" and Select your model and zoom it

When you will have this click on import animation and import some animation (animation pack can be found in ...\data\animations\pack.dat ,you will need some tool to unpack)

use "select and move" ,"select and rotate" and "Select and uniform scale" to adjust your unit position ,also u can manualy move rotate unit parts with by selecting some parts of that unit.

Next click "8" and Environment and Efect screen will apear now you should select colours for tint and ambient ,i usualy set bout on 99... its personal choise

Now you are ready to render unit-info card , for that just press F9

to save unit-info card go to save bitmap (little flopydisk icon) and save in tga format.

next you need unit card -little one, press F10 and this dialog will apear

put width on 48 and height on 64 and again use "select and move" ,"select and rotate" and "Select and uniform scale" to adjust your unit position.. some parts of the unit should be adjust seperate in order to get better unit card.. and again render and save like previous

In the end your unit cards should look something like this

Thanks to Maced0n (TWC) of RTR dev team for this tuitorial.
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