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Post  Athkara on Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:49 am

I'll post links here to all the good mapping tutorals I can find.

New Campaign Maps:

comprehensive guide using the provincial_campaign feature:

creating a campaign map from a portion of an original one:


map_heights using satelite imagery:

map_heights using earth sculptor:

Minor Adjustments:

adding new regions:

changeing ownership of a region:

land bridges:


Trivium campaign map editor (looks usefull, haven't treid it yet):

campaign map effects on AI:

descr_strat.txt guide (has some interesting information about changing faction 'personalities' which I've never heard of before):

list of CTD causing errors (with some important things to take into account for the campaign map):

discussion of the landmass ratio problem:

discussion on coastline smoothing:

the TWC Wiki (lots of info on editing the campaign map scattered about):

table comparing map climates to ground types (looks like its from M2, but I think the RGB values for the diff. climates should be the same):,238.0.html

hardcoded limits for R:TW:

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